Whatever Happened to FOR THE PEOPLE?

At some point, people just get sick and tired of being lied to. I told myself that when I started blogging that I was going to stay away from Politics because it evokes such strong emotions within people. But this has nothing to do with either political party. We, The American People, just want people in office who are going to do what’s best for the citizens of this country. The answer is not far left or far right. The answer is somewhere in the middle. I’m just tired of seeing people hurting and the American People being lied to constantly. I’m tired of seeing everyday hardworking citizens constantly being taken advantage of by the people that we have elected into office. I’m tired of seeing lifelong politicians who are only in office for their own interest. Whatever happened to the term, FOR THE PEOPLE? I’m tired of the American people not being able to get the assistance they need during a time of crisis because back end deals that have absolutely nothing to do with helping the hardworking citizens of this country cannot be agreed upon. Is it really that hard to think about the citizens of this country when it is literally your job to do that? Is it really that hard to put your party affiliation aside to help the people who actually voted you into office? Every day we continue to see the lies and manipulations. We see and hear the false information being reported. Does anyone care? Has it been going on for so long that we have just become numb to it? We need leaders. We need good men and women who are going to withhold the Constitution and actually do what’s in the best interest of the people. 

I mean, a part of me wants to stop caring about the political climate. But, I can’t. I see the people around me. I see how the people in this town have been affected. I see small businesses closed. I see some of my favorite places that I like to go to closed down at the moment. Will they even be able to reopen when the time comes? These are hard working men and women who have had to close their doors based on something that is no fault of their own. I see that our government provided a program so that small businesses could get relief during this time. But then it infuriated me to see that hedge funds could apply for this small business loan as well. Why was that even allowed to happen? There are so many people who need help but just aren’t getting it. There are a lot of parts to this system that are out of order and something needs to be done about it.

My faith is not in our government. It is in Jesus. But that doesn’t mean that I am not concerned about how it operates and what it’s doing for the people of this great nation. Yes, we must pray. But prayer alone is not going to solve this problem. We need to take the proper action. We need to vote better candidates into office who will do what’s best for the people. If they do not attempt to do what they said they would do, then vote them out. If we cannot find a candidate, then we must become that candidate. We have to care enough to do something. There are good men and women at every level of government who are fighting the good fight. But they need help. They need more people who see what they see and are willing to do something about it. What we have right now as a whole is unacceptable. It needs to change!

One thought on “Whatever Happened to FOR THE PEOPLE?

  1. My only answer is we all need to do our check ups from.the neck up being tired is where we all.are right about now. Jesus,prayer is my go too I see pain,hurt, I cry in my prayer closet daily,but knowing that out redeeming lives help me to.face another day

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