Desensitized: Diving Deeper into Darkness

How did we get here? How did we get to the point where violence and grotesque things have become so normal that we do not even flinch when we see it anymore? The answer, we allowed it to happen. Our society has normalized violence to the point where it is a go-to form of entertainment. We live in a time now where horror movies that depict very gruesome torture scenes or occult practices have become enjoyable to watch. You can easily bring any of this into your home at any time with just the single click of a button. It has become so commonplace that we just brush it off when we see these things happen for real. Do you even feel anything when you watch your local news and see that someone else has been murdered through gun violence? If we are completely honest with ourselves, unless we know the person directly then the answer is probably no. We will hear a story about a shooting on the news just to turn around an hour later to watch our favorite tv show or movie that depicts the very same act of violence like it’s nothing. Think about it, what is that saying about us? How can I claim to hate something in this world and then willingly turn right back around and watch it in a movie? How many times have you watched a fight video on social media and found it entertaining? Then, you almost immediately shared it to show to your friends. This isn’t normal behavior. Have we seen it so much on television and on the movie screen that we have become this desensitized to it?

Look, I get it. For most of us, watching our favorite tv show or going to a movie is simply just entertainment. We can separate fantasy from real life. We still have a heat of compassion for those who are affected by acts of violence. Most of us also quickly turn away from the occult practices. But I’d be lying to myself if that line between fantasy and reality has not become blurry at times. My favorite movies have always been action movies. Because of that, over time, I have become more comfortable with the amount of violence they choose to put into these movies and shows. And because I’ve accepted it more there, it doesn’t have the impact that it should when I hear about it within my own city. That was a problem. It’s honestly very difficult to understand how desensitized we’ve become until you’ve seen life through the eyes of a child. 

I remember one day me and my daughter Allie were coming home. I do not remember the details of the day but, there was a moment that hit me hard. We’d stopped and grabbed something to bring home to eat. Of course, she had to start eating on the way home. Well, we had to drive by a really bad wreck that was on her side of the window. The first responders were on the scene so we had to drive by it slowly. After we passed it a few seconds later Allie said, “Daddy, I’m not hungry anymore.” That stopped me in my tracks. Yes, I was concerned about the people involved in the accident. But it did not affect me like it did her. My level of compassion was not where it should have been. Have we lost that feeling that we get in the pit of our stomachs? Have we seen these things so much on tv that it does not even bother us like it should anymore? Does seeing other people hurt no longer hurt us?

Now, I will say that I do not watch horror or scary movies. I refuse to watch any movie or show that has anything to do with the occult or occult practices. Because of that, I am very sensitive to it when I see it in a show and can identify it. You’d be surprised how many kid friendly movies and shows I’ve been watching with my daughter and literally had to turn it off because it had that type of stuff in it. You think it’s innocent? You think there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s presented in a “friendly” manner? Well allow me to tell you what just happened and most of you reading this have no idea. A major company (yes, you do use their products) just chose to make someone who is deep into the occult their spokesperson to bring their technology into your home. You’ve probably seen the commercial several times already and have no idea. This individual’s form of “art” is going to be presented to the mainstream audience and probably accepted. There was a time when there would have been so much outrage over this. But now, since we have been desensitized, it’s no big deal. What literally makes me want to vomit is now about to be consumed by the general public.

Agendas have been pushed into our faces for decades through the media. Over time, things that we would have stood up and fought against have now just became accepted as normal. We have no one to blame but ourselves. I’m just as guilty as anyone reading this. I will acknowledge that I have noticed a shift in my life. There are movies and shows that I would have had no problem watching years ago that I just cannot watch now. I know this annoys my wife, but I can search through the three streaming services we use and not find a single thing that interests me. Things that I was once okay with, well, I’m not okay with it anymore. Am I perfect in this area, not even close. But I am giving a second thought to a lot of things I would have never given a second thought to before. Just because it’s there does not mean that I have to consume it. We need to do a better job at guarding our gates and at the very least become more aware of what we are watching. The younger generation, our kids, are watching us. If we are this desensitized to a lot of the things in this world, just imagine how much worse it will be for them if we do not break this pattern. The change we want to see happen must first start with us. Evil is prevailing because the good men and women who can actually fight this battle are sitting back and doing nothing. Even if this blog inspires no one to change, I will. The change that I make will affect my wife and my daughter. That is enough within itself to change a generation.

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