Greatness is a Choice

Going to the gym this morning was very difficult. I went to bed later than I had planned. The dog woke me up in the middle of the night because he thought he needed to go outside to use the bathroom. I woke up late because I was tired. When I did get up, I had a slight headache. It took me awhile to get going. This morning, it took me over an hour just to get out of the house. I sat in my car underneath the carport contemplating just going back inside and going back to bed. Thankfully, I chose to go to the gym instead. When I arrived, I was already feeling exhausted. But showing up is a victory within itself right? Not in my book.

There are days in the gym where I feel as if I can do anything. No matter what I put on the bar, it’s going to move. I feel unstoppable and can move the entire earth if I wanted to. Well, today wasn’t that day. The bar alone was feeling heavy. After my first set, I knew that I was going to be in a dogfight and that I would have to fight to earn Every. Single. Rep. Absolutely nothing came easy this morning. But I was determined that I was going to do what was necessary to get through this and meet greatness on the other side. I put my head down and kept grinding and pushing. The average person would have cut their workout short. Thankfully, I’m not average. Instead, I made the choice to extend my workout just to make sure that I could get some extra sets and reps in. I made up in my mind that I was going to conquer and that’s what I did. 

This can be applied to multiple areas of your life. Either you’re going to find a way to make it happen or you’re going to find excuses. If you’re ok with just being good/average, then that’s fine. But for those of us who want to be great at what we do, we just get it done. Greatness is a choice. You either want it or you don’t.

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