You Tell Your Body What to Do

Your body and your health are in your hands. Your body will act and perform the way you train it to. Of course, if you have certain health issues there are things out of your control. But for most people, that isn’t the case. Everything comes down to the choices you choose to make. What are you putting into your body? Are you exercising? If you tell your body to do these things, then it will actually make the adjustments needed. The problem is that so many people are inconsistent in the very beginning that your body does not really know what you want it to do. Once you give it clear instructions, then things begin to change. 

Your body will want to exercise once you have made that the norm. My body just didn’t feel right not being able to go to the gym for the past few months. I still woke up at the time I usually get up (minutes before my alarm clock would go off). Going to the gym became a regular part of life for me. Your body will do the same. You must commit to the process of exercising on a regular basis. At some point of going through the process, you will get in shape. When will that happen? The answer is different for everyone. But one thing is true. If you are not consistent, then you will not get there. Once you’ve been training for awhile, then not doing it will feel like something is off. That is a good thing. Exercising has become your new normal. This may be hard to believe, but there will be moments when it feels like your body is pushing you to go to the gym. Now your body knows what you expect of it physically.

Do you choose the foods you eat because they are healthy or because they taste good? When you choose to eat to be healthy, you will consume more grilled/baked meats. You’ll definitely eat a lot more vegetables. You may also spend more time cooking and preparing meals yourself. When you simply choose to eat based off of what tastes good, you’ll find yourself eating more fried and processed foods. You will also consume more junk foods and snacks. Most of your meals will also come from take out. Whatever you train your body to like, that is what it will want to consume more of. When I cut a lot of unnatural sugars out of my diet, it amazed me how much my taste buds changed. I lost the taste for sweets. When I finally did have something sweet about a month later, I couldn’t eat it because the taste of sugar was overwhelming. I was no longer used to that. I told my body that this did not belong in my system and it listened. You can do the same thing. Again, you are in control. You have to make up your mind that this is the direction that you want to go. Is it hard making the change initially, yes. But once you become consistent and continue to stick to the process, it becomes easier. 

You are in control of your health. Your body responds to your choices. If you tell it to burn fat and to build muscle, it will do that. If you tell your body not to burn off fat, guess what, it won’t. Again, there are some medical conditions that take this freedom of choice away and I understand that. But for everybody else, your health is a byproduct of the choices that you’ve been consistent or inconsistent with. Your body is going to do what you train it to do. Make it work for your benefit.

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