And Nothing Happened: The System is Broken

Ahmaud Arbery was killed on February 23, 2020 in broad daylight while jogging in a residential neighborhood. Law enforcement knew who did it. There was undisputable video evidence that an innocent man was murdered. But for over two months, NOTHING HAPPENED! I want you to let that sink in for a moment…

Does that not bother you? This could have been your husband, your son, or your brother. Did that thought even cross your mind? If it didn’t, then it’s probably because you cannot relate to Ahmaud Arbery being a black man. Yes, I believe that race played its part in the way this case has been handled. But, I also believe that something just as evil is being overlooked, the system that allowed it to happen. You see, local law enforcement wanted to make an arrest. They were told not to do it by the District Attorney of that county. Why? One of the murderers was a former police officer who worked as an investigator for that very same District Attorney ( case was basically swept under the rug and the murderers were allowed to continue living their lives as if nothing happened. This is what is allowed to happen if you are considered one of the “good ol’ boys.”

Unfortunately, things like this happen all of the time. The cover up is real. The only reason the two men were arrested in this particular case is because of the public pressure. Once the video came out and went viral, people demanded that these two men be arrested. Google the information on this case and see how many people literally sat on this case and would have not done anything with it if the general public knew nothing about it. The good ol’ boys take care of their own and this case is just proof of how far they will go to do it. Seeing this one case unfold before your eyes should cause you to ask questions. How often has this happened all over the country and you have no clue about it? How many Ahmaud Arberys have been killed and their murderers have been allowed to walk free with no consequences? How many cases have gone to trial and the murderer has been allowed to walk free because of this “system”? Some get media attention while hundreds, possibly thousands of other cases do not. This is an abuse of power. For some, justice will never come because there are people in positions of power who will not allow it to. As long as there are people in power who will protect their own, this will continue to be a problem.

This case should come as a huge warning. You may not be a person of color and cannot believe that this actually happened. You think that something like this may never happen to you or someone you love because the people in power look just like you. I have some sad news for you. If you keep ignoring what’s going on and being silent, eventually this is going to come knocking at your front door. If you do not have the money to afford a powerful attorney nor the ability to have your case heard by millions of people, the same thing will happen to you. Your case will be swept under the rug and the good ol’ boys will continue to do what they’ve always done. Then, you will be reminded of cases like this and wish that you would have said something differently. You’re going to wish you had taken the opportunity to expose this situation while it was happening to others. Now, the same people who you turned your back on when they were helping will be the same ones you look to when you need help. The system is broken. If you do not take a stand and do something about it now, do not be surprised when others aren’t there to support you.

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