The Storm

Yesterday morning while sitting on my couch, out of nowhere I heard a loud sound. I had no clue to what it was. I immediately noticed that I got an alert from my local weather app. That sound I heard was the tornado sirens. It wasn’t warning me that one was coming, it was letting me know that a tornado was here. The winds instantly picked up and the rain was pounding. I looked through the peephole of my front door and could not even see the road. There was absolutely nothing I could do at this point. So, I sat back down on the couch and just waited until the storm passed. It was a very intense thirty to forty-five minutes. Once it was over, it was mostly calm. It was still raining a little, but that was nothing compared to what had just happened. We were fortunate enough to still have power and internet afterwards. We’d known for a few days that a bad storm was coming so it didn’t catch me off the guard too much. I looked at the weather radar and thought that the rest of the day was going to be just fine. But just like life, the weather decided to throw a curve ball.

We were all sitting around eating dinner when a very strong gush of wind came out of nowhere. There were no warnings or anything. I looked through the peephole and saw that the wind was so powerful that it was starting to bend trees. I attempted to check my phone to see what exactly was going on, but the storm had already knocked out the wi-fi. The winds did not slow down at all. This storm completely caught us off guard. We scrambled to make sure to bring a few things inside. Thankfully, this thunderstorm only lasted about twenty minutes. It did significantly more damage to the surrounding area than the one that came through previously. Tens of thousands of residents were left without power. For now, everything is at peace. But never get too comfortable because there is always another storm on the horizon.

Welcome to life. A storm is coming. It doesn’t matter if you know it’s coming or if it’s a surprise. When it comes, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it when it hits. All you can do is prepare and hope that you did enough. Once it hits, it will do damage if you aren’t ready for it. Some, you can get through just fine as long as you know how to weather the storm. Unfortunately, there are some things that hit you in life that may force you to start all over. When that happens, you rebuild while learning from what almost took you out completely. We are resilient. I didn’t say that it would be easy, but that it can be done. Prepare today for what may come tomorrow.

There is a storm coming. It will rock the Earth to its core causing a shift in the world as we know it. You cannot even imagine the magnitude or the power that it will unleash. Nothing, and I do mean nothing can prepare you for the destruction it will leave behind. The question is, are you ready?

4 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. A storm in our lives happen sometimes without any warning ,and it’s time to go combat ready. Hit your knees and pray. Trust God and pull out a pocket of sat quietly and waited for the storm to pass,and there are times,when being quiet before the lord helps us to hear his voice.

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