Kindness Goes a Long Way

First off, I would like to say thank you to all the essential workers who are still serving their communities at this time. As someone who is considered an essential worker during this crisis (I work at a health food grocery store), I want to make sure that you know that you matter during this time. Yes, it does get hard. Yes, we are the ones at risk because we still in contact with people on a daily basis. What you are doing is vital to your community. Yes, we are truly blessed to be able to still come to work and provide for our families. And yes, for some of us, we are being compensated and rewarded like never before. Even though we are doing our jobs, we should look at this as an opportunity to serve. Right now, people need us to do what we do on another level. But if you are able to help just one person, it makes the entire day worth it. You matter. I want to make sure that you hear this. Even when this is over, you still matter. You are and will always be an essential part of your community. What you do is important. You are appreciated, loved, valued, and respected. Do not let anyone tell you anything different.

Now, allow me to talk to customers. Kindness goes a long way during a time like this. Over the past month, I have come across some of the nicest people I have ever encountered in my life. They were very grateful and thankful that our store remained opened. People have been very kind, patient, and understanding about how drastically the workload literally increased overnight. When customers come in with the right attitude, I am more than willing to go the extra mile to help them. When a customer who lives over an hour away calls and is very friendly wanting us to hold an item for them, I will gladly do it. It feels great knowing that I am able to help and make one person’s day better. During these times, kindness and being friendly will get you a long way. We are here to serve and if you give us the opportunity, we will do that. 

There is another group of customers. I wish they knew the definition of the word kindness. They are rude and entitled. Having that type of attitude makes it nearly impossible for anyone to help serve you. It amazes me that during this time, people will actually get mad and upset because we are sold out of a product or are unable to get it in at the moment. That type of attitude makes no one want to go the extra mile for you. What is that extra mile you ask? I could have taken your information and given you a phone call the next truck day letting you know the product came in and even saving one for you until you got there. But, that didn’t happen because of your attitude. Be kind to the people who are still working right now. And believe me when I say that people remember how you treated them before all of this started. You will see that things tend to work out in your favor more when you treat people with kindness.

We are all in this together. We want to see our communities thrive. We get it, things are out of control. But we are still in control of our actions and attitudes towards each other. Life has a funny way of doing things. That person who you think is insignificant now may be the exact person you need during a time such as now. Love one another. Be kind to one another. If we do that, we can all make it through to the other side together.

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