The Quarantine Perspective

We all seem to have a lot of extra time on our hands these days. What we do with this time is very important. Some of you will accept the situation and make the best of it. You will use this for your advantage and finally start and or complete a few major projects you’ve put off. But there is another group of people who have brought worry and anxiety into their lives. They are doing things that are unknowingly causing them to spend these weeks living in fear. Which group are you a part of? Let’s find out.

What are you doing with all of this time? Are you using it to be productive because you know that this will be over one day? Are you using it to get closer to your family? If you are, then this may just be a blessing in a disguise. The saying goes, “play the hand that you are dealt.” People all over the world are making the best of this. It does not mean that they are not taking the necessary precautions. It does not mean that they are being careless. They are just choosing to see things differently. It is easy to get caught up and lost in all of the social media coverage. They are purposely choosing not to. They are determined to come out of this better than when they went in. And you know what, they will. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have this perspective.

There are those who have been spending these last few weeks in quarantine living in worry and anxiety. Instead of taking control, they gave it up. They are choosing to spend most of their time constantly reading every article posted on social media. If they would just put their phones down, they would see that life can still go on. But the fear of missing something stops them from doing anything else. There is a difference between encouraging others to be cautions and putting your fears onto them. Looking at things through this perspective will cause you to lose time and possibly put you in a worse position than when you first started. If you’re one of these people living with a lot of anxiety based on what could happen, just stay off of social media. That alone will free your mind. This isn’t going to be complex or deep. Just stay off of social media.

We worry too much. We cannot control everything, and we do not need to know everything. Find ways to take control and live your best life in this situation. I do not know how long this will last, but it won’t last forever. How you choose to look at this is 100 percent on you. Take advantage of this time. Have faith and put in the work to come out of this on top. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. Get the right perspective and make this work in your favor. I know you got this!

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