College is Not for Everyone

I’ve wanted to stand on a mountain top and just scream this at the top of my lungs for years. Everyone should not go to college. Every eighteen-year-old that graduates high school does not need to immediately go to a four-year University. Society is wrong when it comes to this. Am I saying that you should not go to college at all, absolutely not. You will not be able to enter certain fields without a degree. What I’m saying is that everyone does not need to go to college. College should have a specific purpose. It should help you get to your desired career. If you want to be a lawyer, you should go to law school. If you want to be a doctor, you should go to med school. If you want to be an accountant, then you should pursue a degree in accounting. If a person does not know what major they should pursue, then (in my opinion) they should not go to college until they can figure it out. There is way too much money, or should I say debt, involved when it comes to obtaining a degree. Remember, having a degree does not guarantee you anything. It does put you in a better position when it comes to getting certain jobs. I am not against higher education at all. Going to college without a plan has consequences.

I’ll never forget this day. I was hanging out with a buddy of mine at the time. We were at his house when I saw his diploma sitting on the table. At that moment, I was surprised. I didn’t know that he had already graduated considering he was still going to college. He then went on to tell me that he had a degree in International Business that he could not do anything with. It was a glorified paperweight. He did not know what he wanted to do after high school. Once he realized the specific field he wanted to go into, he went back and got a degree for that area. How can I say this nicely? Getting a degree in a certain area with no plan on how to use it significantly lowers its value.

I believe the true value of any academic institution is in the information that they are able to give you. Once you realize who you want to become, then you choose the best avenue to get there. That’s why more people are going to trade school instead of a regular four-year university. It is a lot more cost efficient. Students also get to spend more time on their specific craft. They will graduate with a degree and the certifications needed that will help them advance in their field. I know a gentleman who put off going to college for years. Once he figured out what he wanted to do in life, he found a trade school that specialized in modifying cars and did what he needed to do to go there. 

Again, I am not against going to college. I just believe that a person needs to know what direction they want to go in life first before going to school. If they are able to figure that out in high school, that is awesome. If it takes them a year or two after graduation to figure it out, then that is ok. So many people have gone to college with absolutely no plan in place and have accumulated nothing except a lot of student loan debt that will take them ten plus years to pay back. Everything is not for everybody. And yes, that applies to college as well. I could write pages on this topic, but this is a blog and not a dissertation. Figure out who you want to become and take the best path available to get there.

14 thoughts on “College is Not for Everyone

      1. I use to wonder how a person could sit down and type a novel…. I no longer have to wonder. There’s just so much I want to say. You’d be surprised by the amount of information I don’t actually type

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      2. Oh, trust me! I would NOT be surprised 🤣 my laughter liberty and legality post? Oh my gawd, I could write an actual novel about all of that. It is already long and I edited the crud out of that😳🤣

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      3. I started reading that, took a break to get something to eat, started reading it again, took another break, and then finally finished it. You were in your zone that day. You’re going to end up finding something that you really like talking about and start writing a book.

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      4. HOLY WOW! Thank you so much! You’re a trooper!

        I have a lot to talk about. The problem is…. I’ve been writing and talking about politics for Ugh 15+ years (OMG I’m old 🤣) I started this to write about the other things I enjoy. Yes it’s sporadic, but for me it’s nice. Especially when other platforms are full of politics with no sense.

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      5. 15 years ago, I was preparing to graduate from high school in a few months lol. Politics…. that’s the one topic I rarely talk about on social media anymore (life is so much more peaceful). I will say that I have thought about one of the most influential days of my life concerning politics, the day after Obama got elected. I saw and heard things from people that I never imagined they would say. And it wasn’t even about politics.

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      6. I got into politics very young, well younger than most. My father had died, mom was in the Corps still. When I started asking, she taught me that I had to pay attention. To think for myself. And that there was always more than meets the eye. So I paid attention. 🤣 and got hooked. I hope your experience was good😬 People get very weird about politics. They create situations that aren’t necessary, instead of using logic. It really bothers me when people assume things, you know?

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      7. Your mom is a very wise woman. My parents taught me to do the same. I do my research on all candidates. If something does seem right, I ask questions why. When a politician tells you who they are, believe it. And just because I voted for a candidate in office does not mean that I have to support every single thing they do and say. I begin to pay attention to politics leading up to the 2004 Presidential election. But when it comes to the 2008 Presidential election, let’s just say it was an eye opener. These days, I have conversations with people who can discuss the actual political issues and are willing to listen. They may see something through a lens that I may not be able to see through. That’s how we learn and grow.

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