Always Bringing Problems, But Never Solutions

It seems like some people always have ninety-nine problems. They tend to say, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another” (this becomes a true statement for your life if you keep saying it all the time). Every time you talk to them, something else negative has happened in their lives. They drain you of your energy by putting their weight on your shoulders. It gets to the point that you begin to ignore their phone calls and text messages. You begin to avoid these individuals at all costs, well I do at least. It’s not that I do not love them. I just don’t have the time to waste on that. That conversation can immediately switch your mood. Being in the moment, you do not realize how it affects the people around you. I’ve done it plenty of times in my life. I’ve seen my wife be in a great mood, take a phone call to chat, then see all of her positive energy just gone when the call is over. I have seen it with coworkers at numerous jobs. One person can literally be a Debbie Downer who only seems to talk about their problems on a daily basis. They never talk about anything good or positive. It is very difficult to have the same level of energy afterwards that you had before once you’ve chatted with them. The moment I realize that I am talking to an individual like this, I immediately try to find a way of escape. This may come off as being insensitive. Yes, we all have problems. We all have troubles that we are dealing with and things that we are going through at any given time. But there is one major difference.

People like me, we do not waste time telling everybody our problems. We find solutions instead. Whatever you are focusing on, that’s where your energy goes. All you’re doing is wasting time and energy only talking about your problems. And because you’re putting all of your energy and focus on that, you’re only going to bring more problems to you. At some point, you have to stop talking and actually deal with what is going on. Yes, that may require you reaching out to the right person for advice. When they give you a solution, take it and use it. Otherwise the next time you come around, they are probably not even going to listen to you. What I have learned personally is that when I begin to put my energy towards finding solutions, the problems begin to shrink. My energy and thoughts are now focused on overcoming instead of being bound. Life tends to flow better when you handle things as they come. Because I am solution oriented, in some cases I can even look down the road and actually avoid certain problems. So, while you are choosing not to deal with that one situation, you are allowing it to multiply in your life and creating more issues for yourself in the future. This all comes down to the mindset that you have. You will run from your problems by telling anyone who will listen and telling the world through social media. Or, you will choose to seek out solutions and face them head on.

I honestly have no issue with a person telling me a problem that they have if they are actually doing to solve it. I’m able to learn and grow from that as well. It gives me more energy if you tell me about something you were going through and how you overcame it. This lets me know that I too can experience victory on the other side as well. I want to celebrate with you. These stories help to encourage others. Again, do not be that person who is always bringing their problems to other people. Be known as someone who presents solutions. We all have problems and issues that we are facing. At the end of the day, you’re either going to let them continue to compound and grow into something bigger in the future or face it head on and make it a part of your past. Whatever you choose to do, it’s on you.

One thought on “Always Bringing Problems, But Never Solutions

  1. I really try to stay positive and out of ours mouth contains life or death and the bible tells us to choose life.


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