The Most Valuable

What does it mean to be the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in sports? Is it the athlete who has the most touchdowns? Is it the player who hits the most homeruns? Is it the individual who scored the most post points during a basketball season? Or is it the player who scores the most goals in hockey? The answer to those questions, it depends. I have one more question for you. Does being the highest paid athlete in their respective sport automatically makes them the MVP? The answer to that question is almost always no. Being the MVP means that person is the most valuable to their team. When that player is on the field, they have the ability to take control of the game and to lead their team to victory. The MVP is a leader. They are one of the players who the rest of the team looks to in tough situations. They are poise. No matter what the score may be, they believe that they can and will come out on top. Most of us sports fans can spot the most valuable players on a team. They tend to stand out. They are the game changers. When these players are in the game and they have the ball in their hands, the atmosphere changes. Unfortunately, when one of these players get hurt, the atmosphere changes as well. A team can instantly go from being a championship contender to now hoping to just make the playoffs. Sports can be used as a metaphor to life at times. As we are able to see the most valuable player on a sports team, we can also see these individuals in our everyday lives. 

Who are the most valuable people on your job? Is it the person who makes the most money? The answer to that question is no. The most valuable people are the ones who change the atmosphere the moment they walk in through the front door. They may not even have one of the higher paid positions, but they have the biggest impact when they are at work. I like to refer to them as disruptors. They have this ability to cut through the negativity and help to put most people in a better mood. They are also some of the hardest workers out there. They show up and get things done. They are very dependable and reliable. When situations come up, they can be called upon to be there and to do what needs to be done. Truth be told, these are the people who keep a lot of companies going. Having these individuals around causes good people to stay. Unfortunately, this isn’t sports. It’s very rare that there is recognition or a reward for them doing what they do every single day. A lot of times, we take them for granted. We do not fully appreciate them or the value they bring to the company while they are there. But we feel it once they leave. Weeks, and even months after they are gone we reminisce how things were when they were there. You’d be surprised just how far a thank you and just telling someone what a great job they are doing can go.

We all have valuable people in our lives in general. There are family members, friends, coworkers, teachers, professors, and coaches who have made an impact. I’m not saying that you should reach out to all of them at the same time. But when they cross your mind, send them a message or give them a phone call and let them know how important they are to you. It just may be the one thing they need that will turn their day around. Not only thank them, but strive to mimic the characteristics that make them stand out to you. You are already a valuable person. Now become the most valuable in whatever it is that you do. Become the person that changes the atmosphere when you walk into the room. Be willing to outwork everyone at your job. Do it because you just want to become the best at what you do, even if there isn’t a reward for it. Look in the mirror and make a commitment to the person staring back at you. Commit to doing what it takes to become an individual who adds a high level of value in every area of their life. You may not play a sport, but the game changing abilities you have are more than enough to make you stand out. Now go out there and show the world what you are truly capable of.

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