Comfortable Vs Uncomfortable: Choose Wisely

Reclining on my couch has to be one of the best feelings in the world. After being at work on my feet all day, it feels good to come home and to just put my feet up. At that moment, I know that my work day is officially over and I can actually sit down and relax. We all enjoy being able to do this. But think about it. What makes that moment special? What makes you actually appreciate the moment you get to sit in your couch or chair and get comfortable? It’s the hours you spent being uncomfortable beforehand. Before I continue, allow me to change your perception. Let us not associate the word uncomfortable with always being something negative. Yes, there are uncomfortable situations and circumstances that we prefer not to be in. But for the most part, we are making the most progress and growth during those times. Change occurs while being uncomfortable. What am I doing before being able to enjoy the reward of sitting on my couch, working. That is not a bad thing. Once you change your mindset, now you can see the value of being uncomfortable. When I am uncomfortable, I know that something is about to happen. Change has to occur. Shifts have to be made. It’s telling me that I need to move from one position and get to a better one. This is me going through the struggle, going through the process that is going to help me get to another level or do something that I need to do. I am finding ways to become better and more proficient at what I’m doing. Once you begin to feel uncomfortable, that is a sign that the situation needs to change or that you need to change. I prefer being in this state because things are happening. Most people prefer to always be comfortable, and that is not a good thing. 

Do you want to know what happens once I recline on my couch and become comfortable? Absolutely nothing happens! I’m just sitting there being completely relaxed and chill. There is nothing wrong with this at all. We all work hard and do the things that we do to put ourselves and our families in more comfortable positions. It is a blessing to be able to do that. The problem arises when we become too comfortable. That’s when we start to become lazy and stagnant. If I sit on the couch for too long, I’m not going to want to do anything else. I have a wife and a daughter that want my attention. There are household chores that need to get done. Yes, it is ok to have times when you can get comfortable and do nothing. But if that becomes a continuous habit, then you start to let things slip. This is when things can get dangerous. When you become too comfortable within a situation, you’re no longer trying to do anything to improve or make it better. Before you know it, you stop moving forward and slowly begin to creep backwards. We have all been guilty of this. We became too comfortable in our jobs or we became too comfortable in our relationships that we stop putting forth the effort that got us there in the first place. Now that I am in comfortable positions, I’m finding ways to make it uncomfortable so that I don’t lose that desire to keep getting better.

Don’t just step out, but live outside of your comfort zone. That’s where growth happens. That’s where you are challenged to become better. The life you’ve always wanted to live is out there. You’re not going to experience it by staying in your comfort zone. For some, going to a new restaurant or trying a new type of food is a major step. For others, stepping out means starting your own business. For another, it means taking that vacation that you’ve been talking about for years. Whatever it takes, become uncomfortable. It could be the thing that changes your life in a way you never imagined. It may just be a memorable experience. But I do know one thing, there is a life you will miss out on living if you choose to always stay in your comfort zone. Now, the question is which will you choose? Are you going to choose to live a life where you are comfortable all the time? Or will you choose to live a life where you are uncomfortable at times that will allow you to experience newer levels and moments of comfort that you didn’t even know existed? It’s all on you.

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