Kill The Noise: Eliminating Distractions

Why do we allow the simplest things to distract us from doing the things that we know that we need to be doing? It happens so often that we do not even realize it. How many times have you picked up your phone to look at something on social media just to spend the next hour or so completely distracted by what you have found? We get on Facebook and just mindlessly scroll out of habit. Better yet, how often do we sit down to read or to do work in general but all of a sudden get distracted by our phones? For some, people may be a distraction. You may feel the urge to check every incoming text message or to answer any incoming phone call. Distractions take away our most valuable asset, time. No matter what you do, no matter how much money you have, time is something that you can never get back. This world is set up to distract us in every way possible. We literally live in a world where we can watch every episode to our favorite shows on our phones at any given moment. Just think about that. Even in the midst of all of this, it is still possible to eliminate distractions and to focus on what’s important. 

I believe that we need to see the value in what we are doing. When you see the value in something or someone, you tend to cherish it more. Therefore, it becomes easier to shut the world out when you are focusing on it. Once you see the value, then you are willing to give it your full attention. Allow me to give you a few examples. If you like to spend time in prayer and meditation, leave your phone in a different room. If that time is sacred to you, then treat it as such. When you are out spending time with your significant other or your kids, give them your undivided attention. Are they not worth it? It is sad to go to a restaurant and see the people staring into their phones instead of enjoying the company of the person they are with. Put your phone away and only answer it if it is an emergency. Once you become distracted, it is very difficult to refocus. Now your energy is divided and it makes accomplishing what you’re trying to do that much more difficult. One thing you can do to help stay focused is set the atmosphere. Before you get started, remove any and everything that will distract you. Have a designated area where you are either going to read or do work. If you take control over what’s in your ability to control, you are more likely to remain focused and do what you need to do.

The biggest distraction of all is other people. This is where learning the power of the word “no” is important. People will take away your most valuable asset, time, and not think twice about it. When you have a set aside time to do what you need to do or to spend time with someone, don’t let another person pull you away. People will drain you of your energy. Once they are done, you have lost the energy to do what you were doing and also have lost time that you can never get back. Take time to pull away from everyone and everything. It is needed. You will be amazed at how you’re able to think clearly and can refocus once again. No one is perfect in this area and I do believe that we all get distracted from time to time. Those of us who are able to experience victory in this area don’t let being distracted become a habit. Once we realize that our minds aren’t in the right place, we have ways of getting it where it needs to be. Learn how to kill the noise. Find ways to stay on task and to get things done. Value yourself and value you your time. Now put your phone down and get to work.