Fatigue is Real!

Before I even get started, let me tell you who this is not for. This isn’t for the people who are lazy. This is not for those who have been doing something for a week and just got tired. This is not for people who are frustrated because something is hard. This is for those of you who have been on the grind (physically and/or mentally) over an extended period of time in the pursuit of their goals. We get after it day after day without making excuses. We have the work ethic and the drive to get things done. But at some point, we MUST take a break and back away from it. Let me tell you about my most recent experience.

For the past 8-9 weeks, I’ve been training more like a powerlifter in the gym. Every week, my strength and stamina have increased. Last week, my body peaked and I was able to surpass old limits. But my body was maxed out in the process. Monday I was determined to do the same thing once more. The moment I tried, my body was DONE! Lighter weight was feeling very heavy and my mind could not push me through it this time. If I would have tried to continue, the risk of injury would have increased because my technique became sloppy. I instantly knew that I needed to deload (workout with much lower weight) and then shut it down completely for a week. My body was fatigued and I needed to recover. This has been one of the smartest training decisions I could have made.

This has reminded me the importance of knowing when to pull away. I honestly believe that I would have been doing more harm than good if I would have continued to keep going. We must listen to our bodies. Trust me, it will tell you when it’s time to take a break. Yes, I completely understand what it means to be on your grind every single day. But at some point, you must take the time to pull away and rest. This allows you to refocus and come up with new strategies. This is also a good time to evaluate and take inventory of everything that you have been doing and see what adjustments need to be made. There was a time I use to think that this was a bad thing. Instead of stepping away, I would push through being burnt out. The end result, I begin to dislike something that I loved to do. Again, learn how to listen to your body. When it tells you that you need to pull away and recharge, then pull away and recharge. If you do not know how to rest and relax, then I encourage you to learn. Resting is not being lazy. Keep pushing. Stay on your grind. Get after it every day. But when it’s time to rest and relax, make sure you do that as well.

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