Being Too Close to The Gift

You may not believe this, but Chrissy Teigen and I have something in common. We think that our super talented spouses at times, sing too much. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m married to Amy Williams. Oh yeah, and Chrissy Teigen is married to a guy you may have heard of, John Legend. Amy has the kind of voice that will make you stop in your tracks, turn around, and listen. She is a very talented singer/songwriter and anyone who has heard her can attest to that fact. Check it out for yourself on iTunes or Google Play (“Then Came You” by Amy Michelle….of course I’m going to plug my wife’s song). But the thing about Amy is that she sings ALL THE TIME! It doesn’t matter what she is doing, she is singing. Somehow she knows every song on the radio from every genre of music. There have been times when I have said that this is a solo and I want to sing by myself. It didn’t matter that the song required a five part harmony because I was going to sing all five parts by myself. I’ll admit, it can be a little bit much at times. But what I’ve come to realize is that this is her gift and it’s only natural for her to operate in it all the time.

It has definitely taken awhile, but I have had to learn how to appreciate and cherish her gift without getting annoyed or wanting her to stop singing so much. Something so special can become so familiar that we may unintentionally disregard it. I believe that this is something that happens more than we think. A singer will sing, an artist will create, a dancer will dance, a writer will write, a comedian will tell jokes, a musician will play, a preacher will preach, and a teacher will teach. People will operate in their gifts and it is up to those of us who are close to them to encourage them to take it to the next level. It kinda makes you wonder how many people had their dreams crushed as kids because the adults around them saw their gifts and talents as an inconvenience.

Now I will say that there is an appreciation that I have that you will never get to experience. When you hear Amy or John Legend sing, you get the finished product. What you don’t get to witness is them going through the process beforehand to make sure that everything is on point. I get to see it from the moment it starts out as an idea in her head until it turns into something you can download and listen to. For me, it makes that moment even more special. I have a greater appreciation for the gift that she has. For that reason, I do not allow my at the moment emotions to stop her from doing what she was created to do. And at the same time, I do not want to be so close that I’m missing the blessing that’s right in front of me. It’s challenging, but being around greatness requires you to step up and to become that person they need you to be.

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