Speak Your Reality Into Existence

Your words are powerful! Even the things you constantly say out of frustration can and will manifest if you don’t take control of your tongue. Believe me when I tell you that I was one of those individuals. Living in an apartment presented one particular problem, a small sink.

Every morning as part of my routine, I would make a protein shake before heading out. I’d mix everything in the blender and would be finished within a few minutes. Then the problem would arise, the clean up. My blender was too big to fit underneath the faucet. I’d always have to tilt it at some weird angle just to get it clean. Almost every day I would say to my wife Amy, “when we get a house, it MUST have a big sink.” Sometimes I would even mention the type of faucet I wanted. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was speaking this into existence.

As time progressed, we started the process of getting our first house. By the grace of God, we were able to build our own home. For the most part, I let Amy choose most of the fixtures for our house. But when it came time for the kitchen sink, she already knew exaxtly what to send my way. Since Ive already seen it, I immediately knew it when I saw it. And now everytime I stand in the kitchen, I’m reminded that I have the power to speak my reality into existence.

You control your reality through the words you speak. You can have what you say you can have. You can do what you say you can do. You can speak positive, uplifting words and watch how things begin to change. You have the power to speak life into a situation. You can change your life with the words of your mouth, especially if you believe it and start to do something about it. There is another side to this coin. The moment you say that you can’t do something, you can’t. I hear so many people speaking sickness, death, failure, and curses upon themselves unknowingly. You can literally bring that upon yourself through the words of your mouth.

When you speak, your actions subconsciously begin to follow. When I begin to speak about the sink so much that I could see it, things begin to happen. Amy and I started planning and preparing to get a house (the seed for the house was planted through many nights of family prayer on Allie’s bed…but that’s for another day). Next thing you know, I’m washing my blender for 10 minutes because I’m seeing the manifestation right before my eyes. I want to encourage you to be more aware of the things you say. Let your words have a purpose and let your words point you in the direction that you want to go. To some, this is just a sink. To me, it’s my reality beginning to take form and me living the life I have always dreamed of. Speak your reality into existence.

One thought on “Speak Your Reality Into Existence

  1. Amen .it is so true time is so easily wasted on the things, and sometimes people that really have nother better to do. Speaking things into reality is awesome. The word of God expresses to us as believers we have not because we ask not. A WITHOUT a vision we perish. Thank you Shawn I needed this.


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